Our success story

The Cronos Group is an outstanding example of innovative entrepreneurship.
Founded in 1991, the business evolved from a one-man show to a large group of companies with >9000 employees, a consolidated turnover of  €1,13 billion in 2022 and 5000 customers in the Benelux.
Billion euro consolidated turnover
Customers in the Benelux

About The Cronos Group

The group was originally founded by and for technology people for the express purpose of helping those people grow as far as their ambitions reached, even if that meant starting for themselves.

Since then, this mission statement has been expanded and the group enriched with people from the creative sector who are able to communicate well with the ‘business people’ yet are able to speak with the Cronos IT staff at their own level, resulting in the most creative and technologically optimal solution for customers.

The group is also continuously looking for creative, driven people and is always willing to listen to innovative ideas from potential entrepreneurs.

Who are we

Innovative entrepreneurship

The Cronos Group is a diverse group, active in a number of innovative sectors. The company seeks to serve as a catalyst for the development of scientific research on new technologies into business solutions.

Strong group

The Cronos Group is also an early stage investor, incubator, integrator and venture capital firm. The Cronos Group has holdings in more than 570 companies in various sectors and is actively involved in the start-up of some 20 companies per year.

New technologies

The companies under The Cronos Group are pioneers in the introduction and use of new and innovative technologies, serving companies in various sectors that are often impacted by major changes, such as the media sector and publishers, banking and insurance, utilities, etc.


The Cronos Group searches the world for the best technology, actively forms knowledge cells and encourages potential entrepreneurs within the knowledge cells to pursue the technology in question.

Whom do we help

We live in challenging times. New technological developments are dominoing at an accelerating pace. Entire economic sectors are being transformed. Appropriate creativity combined with the right knowledge and experience is therefore necessary to quickly come up with solutions. It is a matter of being in the game, keeping pace and making the difference.

This is exactly what The Cronos Group seeks to do: help companies find creative, high quality, profitable ways to make the most of the potential of new technologies. Our approach enables companies to get the most out of existing investments while also deriving competitive advantage from new technological opportunities.

In-depth specific knowledge is obtained by carrying out proof-of-concept projects in close cooperation with customers. We stand side-by-side with the customer for the necessary change management in dialogue with the ‘business’ as well as during the well-oiled roll-out of the follow-up projects in collaboration with the company’s own IT department.

We see it as a welcome challenge to work with our customers to transform knowledge and expertise into strategic solutions.