Digital Transformation Assessment

Embrace new technology to make your business run more efficient, and soon you’ll find IBM technology and Cronos expertise to be a major part of your business’ competitive advantage.

Take our proficiency test and find out which aspects of your digital journey have the highest need for additional expertise.


Digital transformation with IBM & Cronos
Digital transformation with IBM & Cronos Finding the perfect reference case that highlights the entire partnership between IBM and De Cronos Groep’s ventures is a nigh impossible task. That’s why…
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Making Digital Ambitions Come True with Hyperautomation and Low Code

Download our blog and find out how hyperautomation and low code can make your wildest dreams come true.

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    What to expect when migrating to API Connect V10?

    IBM’s Api Connect V10 is here! The latest version brings a lot of interesting features, like support for OpenAPI 3.0, GraphQL, integrated testing and enhanced compliance and auditing support. Want to know more? Get the recording from our webinar and learn from real-life migration examples!

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      Why choosing the right security partner matters

      Cyber Security is more important than ever. With the rising importance of digital systems and data it can be difficult to determine what exactly is required to keep your crucial infrastructure secure. Choosing the right security partner definitely is.

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        Nynox’s approach to cybersecurity

        Cybersecurity is not about quick fixes or straightforward decisions. Nynox believes cybersecurity is a continuous process that requires commitment from both sides. In this onepager we outline our four-step cycle -See, Focus, Detect & Prevent and Statistics & Metrics – and show how IBM offers an all-in-one package that supports our SOC in every step.

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          IBM @ Cronos E-book ENG

          In this e-book, you will explore the horizons of the exciting and diverse fields of expertise within De Cronos Groep together with our managers. They share their vision of what is already possible and what is yet to come and demonstrate how, as a member of The Cronos Groep and empowered by IBM technology, they are successfully putting their solutions into practice.

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            IBM@Cronos E-book NL

            In dit e-book verken je samen met onze managers de horizonten van hun boeiende en uiteenlopende vakdomeinen. Ze delen hun visie over wat reeds kan en wat nog komen zal en demonstreren hoe ze als lid van de Cronos Groep en gesterkt door IBM-technologie, hun oplossingen met succes in de praktijk brengen.

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              Interested in what our entrepreneurs, together with IBM, can do for your organization? We are here to listen to your needs and together we will find the building blocks that can lift your organization to a new level.