Latest success stories

Cronos Groep is synonymous with innovative entrepreneurship. Since the group began in 1991 Cronos has been actively involved in the start-up of more than 200 companies.

The group also provides a state-of-the-art incubation environment and works with the start-ups on acceleration programmes.

Think With People

Think With People provides low threshold yet very concrete support for potential founders who still need some help with their business case, management team or organization. Think With People provides completely free assistance, with no strings attached, yet has access to the resources of the entire Cronos Groep.


Cronos Combinator

The Cronos Combinator not only provides early-stage funding in cooperation with investment partners but also all the necessary assistance for start-ups.

The Combinator also organizes an annual three-month summer school for potential entrepreneurs and provides a one-year training programme for potential entrepreneurs.

Incubation environment

Cronos Groep has a very active incubation environment, provides supportive acceleration programmes and offers additional growth funding for those companies in the network that can and want to grow.