About This Project

Vrije Universiteit Brussel was looking for a solution to address their recruitment in a more innovative and digital way. They want to be the frontrunner among universities in attracting both Belgian and international students. Now they use a multi-channel approach to provide information to pupils in the last two years of secondary school, with the aim of convincing them to continue their studies at the VUB. This strategy includes various campaigns that make use of texts, push messages, social media, personalized emails, etc. Β In addition to targeting and tracking international students and sending newsletters and birthday emails to alumni, they want to go a step further and have the faculty of medicine info days and entrance exam fully administered by Eloqua through various payment system follow-up flows.

VUB has deliberately chosen to replace the Addemar email tool with a multi-channel campaign tool.

Eloqua (Oracle) was chosen as the best solution over competitors Actito and Salesforce (Pardot).

This is also the case at Janssen Pharmaceutica, where Eloqua came out on top after a less successful pilot with Marketo (Salesforce), to make the link with Salesforce.

Within O4U the cooperation between the various companies enabled us to win this deal.

But collaboration was also sought outside the cluster, with another Cronos company, namely HappiFish.

The knowledge contributed by HappiFish was definitely a contributing factor in enabling us to strike the deal.

The combination iRelate and HappiFish was also chosen for a second dossier: strategic marketing study and advice.

Success stories