About This Project

Within Uptime Group, ‘Uptime ICT’ is the main company with a focus on the Wallonian market. Under the leadership of Olivier Caporali and Dominique Lechanteur they are succeeding in gradually conquering the Wallonian market.

Managed services company Hestia saw the potential benefits of collaboration with ‘Uptime ICT’. Thanks to the intensive and constructive collaboration that followed, they have jointly succeeded in winning impressive contracts. Thanks to ‘Uptime ICT’, Hestia can also rightfully call itself the only accredited managed services partner in both Flemish- and French-speaking Belgium.

The following are a sampling of the important contracts they have been awarded (collective contract value of over €150,000 annually):

  • SWCS (Walloon Social Credit Company) Centre Hospitalier de Jolimont
  • CHU Saint-Pierre
  • Grand Hopital de Charleroi
  • CHR de la Citadelle
  • FN Herstal
  • Techspace Aero


In each case the client opted for the approach, technical knowledge and‏ maturity of the Hestia organization. The knowledge of the Wallonian market within Uptime ICT did the rest. This is the beginning of a very special success story that is resulting in expansion of the group within our own national borders!

Success stories