About This Project

Pinakes, the go-to reference for up-to-date contact details for 126,000 decision-makers (political representatives, senior government officials, etc.) and 25,000 organizations from the public, social and cultural sectors and civil society in Belgium, needed a solid IT partner.

That choice was not easy, because Pinakes had just invested a year in the modernization of the back-office application โ€˜Callimachusโ€™. This application is consulted and updated daily by the data managers to maintain 95% data quality.

However, their IT partner at the time had not made the right technology choices for building a platform capable of serving the future online needs. This strategic decision they faced now had to ensure that the data could be consulted and updated by internal and external data managers and clients. In addition, it had to provide functionalities for integrated collaboration with other data providers and customers.

Pinakes therefore turned to Rhea, and they began by ensuring that the existing Pinakes services would continue to function, by stabilizing the existing application.

In a second stage the technological resources were weighed up against the strategic business vision. Scalability, mobile, availability, price, simplicity, maintainability, and other aspects were all reviewed in this study. Microsoft, Vidyano and the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform were chosen as technological framework.

By choosing Rhea, Vidyano and Microsoft Azure, Pinakes has a technological advantage over competitors. By choosing web and cloud technologies, Pinakes now has the resources available to maximize the operational activities and data quality. They can respond quickly to changing market conditions and the future needs of customers and internal and external staff.

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