About This Project

Cronos Groep is co-shareholder of software testing company Passwerk in Berchem. Since the inception of the company in 2008, Passwerk has already recruited forty people with autism and a normal intelligence level and eight more will soon come on board for the new office in Hasselt.

Passwerk is specialized in testing software. Cronos Groep contributes to the training required to make these employees test engineers. More than half of the trained test engineers are placed on projects through Cronos Groep for its customers.

Passwerk screens the applicants, identifies their talents and puts them to work in IT jobs at various companies and government agencies.

People with autism work faster, without compromising quality, and discover errors that others do not see. Capable people with autism can be found throughout the business world, from CEOs to pilots.

‘They eliminate errors in the software. Other tasks they excel at are data entry, cleaning up databases and other work where a procedure must be followed and accuracy is essential. 95% of the time our people work at the customer’s location,’ says director Nico De Cleen.

Some testimonials from employees with autism:

Tijana: ‘Before I came to Passwerk, I held various temporary administrative jobs. Those were often very stressful situations for me. I often felt misunderstood in the workplace. Working without supervision is often too chaotic for me. In those circumstances I was often uncertain how to interact with my colleagues.’

Dirk: ‘There are still pivotal moments when I lose my way, particularly when I need more explanation to test a particular application well. Finding the right moment to ask my colleagues, who are busy with their own work, for assistance is not easy for someone with Asperger.’

Kevin: ‘Without meaning too, I work far too fast. Not that I make mistakes, but my pace is so high that I quickly have to ask for new work. Frankly, I find that when it comes to jobs, people with autism are simply better than ordinary people. We have fewer complexes, and do more and better work. A company where everyone was autistic would completely crush the competition. There would be more attention to detail, less talk, more focus, much more structure and everyone would be completely transparent, yet there would still be a good working atmosphere.’

The accompanying video from Animated Explanations provides a good impression of ​​what makes people with autism spectrum disorder special.