About This Project

In 2002 Marc Herremans was on his way to a possible win at the IRONMAN World Championship in Hawaii when he was suddenly confronted with paralysis from chest to toe. A bicycle accident on the island of Lanzarote put a sudden end to his sporting ambition. Nevertheless, just four years later and paralyzed from chest to toe, Marc successfully realized his dream and won the Ironman Hawaii. That day Marc was wearing the number 185, which ever since has stood for never giving up on your dream.

Today Marc puts his passion into serving as coach for his ‘Omnium Team 185’ – a positive youth project to help talented, motivated athletes achieve their full potential by providing them with the support they deserve. He wants to give these young people the chance to combine their sporting pursuit and study/work, to afford them the opportunity to make the most of their lives. With this project he intends to prove that, with the right vision and approach, young people can transcend themselves. Cronos Groep sponsors this ‘Omnium Team 185’ project.