About This Project

On Sunday 5 October 2014 a referendum was held in Mechelen to decide whether or not the dials should be reinstalled on the St. Rumbold’s Cathedral. The electronic voting system was custom-developed for the City of Mechelen. The software was developed through the collaborative efforts of several Cronos subsidiaries; the software was produced by developers at Xplore Group and Upsell delivered 20 iPads with matching stands for the project.

The identity of the voters and their eligibility to vote was verified through eID on a desktop PC; the actual voting took place on an iPad. The system made use of a Java back-end on a JBoss application server with an HTML5 front-end (AngularJS) on the iPad.

The voting took place between 10:00 and 17:00 in Mechelen’s town hall, where 16 voting booths were available. In the course of the day just fewer than 6000 votes were cast, which was a much larger turnout than expected. At times the queues stretched all the way to the Grand Market Square, but overall the wait was rarely more than ten minutes.

Mayor Bart Somers was able to announce the outcome from the stage at the Grand Market Square just five minutes after the polls were closed. And he also took the opportunity to announce that another referendum would be conducted in the same way: in June 2015 the people will be consulted concerning the issue of mobility in the Nekkerspoel district.

The technical support was very good. This was also evident from the many positive responses from people who came to vote (‘handy’, ‘quick’, ‘state of the art’) as well as from the city council itself, whose members personally congratulated Mayor Somers for how well it went and the professional approach.

A success!

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