About This Project

The rapid technological evolution companies are faced with today has been likened to standing at the edge of a crevasse. On one side they must continue to support their

existing IT infrastructure, while on the other they must continually offer new technologies.

Bryxx, another Cronos Groep company and a subsidiary of Contribute, offers support. Their consultants help
companies and those companies’ own IT departments bridge this gap. One of their customers is Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe nv (HHIE), a supplier of heavy-duty machines for the European construction sector with a strong focus on customers’ operational performance and the ease of operation of Hyundai machines.

HHIE is extremely pleased with the BMS project (Bryxx Managed Services). The service is excellent and sufficiently proactive.

Consider for a moment: if a database table reaches capacity and you fail to notice it, the resulting downtime can never be recovered.

With the proactive approach of BMS you can ensure the continuity of your database, and that is extremely important.

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