About This Project

Hestia has been selected by Dropbox as ‘flagship partner’ for the Belgian market, based on our ranking on the global list of 501 best MSPs. They took that list and contacted the best in each country to ask them to become a partner. For Belgium, that was Hestia, within the Uptime Group. This means that from now on we can offer Dropbox for Business to interested companies!

Specifically, what this comes down to is:

  • Practically all companies currently have people who use Dropbox for their own, personal use.
  • In almost all companies some of those users will also have company data in their personal Dropbox.
  • With Dropbox or Business we now have a solution within the group:
    • Integrates with AD (!) – in other words, rights management
    • Can be managed by an admin
    • Offers unprecedented ease of use
    • Offers both backup the folders and complete version management
    • Offers functionalities such as remote wipe, single sign on, 256-bit AES encryption, etc.
  • And, as icing on the cake, ‘as much capacity as needed’ and all this at the fixed price of €12/user/month (i.e. unlimited capacity, including backup and archiving)!
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