About This Project

School for children with an autism spectrum disorder

Cronos Groep sponsors De Lift, a school for children with autism in Diest. We provide the services of our employees, as computer science instructors, to give pupils with autism a future in IT.

The initiative was launched by Bert Beelen and his daughter Katrien Beelen, both lawyers, who have first-hand experience with the disorder: Robrecht (12), her son and his grandson, is autistic. At De Lift, children with autism trained to work in the IT field. The business community is very interested, because these children’s special attributes will later make them very good at their jobs. ‘People with autism have an intense focus on the work and see details that other people miss,’ says Bert Beelen. ‘In Silicon Valley people with autism are highly sought after for computing tasks.’

The pupils at De Lift in Diest have twelve hours of IT classes and twelve hours of general courses each week.

Now that more and more companies are seeking people with autism and normal intelligence to fill specific positions, the pupils’ future looks bright. We at Cronos Groep are proud to do our bit.